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High precision agriculture

Digital seeders that generate savings, provide information, and have a positive impact on the environment.


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Why use robotic sowing

Seedorina uses programs that can be chosen and adjusted by the user.

This reduces the seeding preparation time to simply selecting the appropriate program.

Why use cloud technology

The use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology in Seedorina robots allows users and administrators to receive productivity reports at all times, as well as real-time alerts.

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In automated productions, using multiple seeds per cavity of the seeding tray.




A more even production reduces the need to use fertilizer to obtain the expected results.




No water is wasted watering the empty cavities of the seeding trays.


Seedorina sows the exact number of seeds per cavity, in all the cavities of each tray. The quantity of seeds does not matter, nor where they should be sown.



Seedorina works with any type of seed regardless of shape or size, adapts to any tray format and integrates with existing production systems such as conveyor belts, peat dispensers o irrigation systems.



Seedorina robots constantly report production progress to the cloud. The information can be consulted from anywhere through the App to make decisions based on precise data, that is updated in real time.


Advantages of sowing with Seedorina

Technical features

Fully programmable system

Seedorina develops specific programs for each planting need, taking into account the characteristics of the seeds, the trays used and the integrated production systems to be controlled.

Parameterized programs

Seedorina programs allow the user to configure specific planting parameters such as the number of trays, number of batches, number of seeds per tray cell and speed settings, among others.

Remote administration

Seedorina robots are managed from the App on your phone.

  • Enable or delete programs.

  • Receive real-time alerts when something is not working as it should.

  • Add or remove robots.

Production control

With real-time reports you can control:

  • Production statistics, such as the number of trays produced with each type of seed.

  • Effective production time.

System without compressor

Seedorina robots are a complete and modular solution that do not depend on external systems such as compressors.

Remote support

Being always connected, the robots can be diagnosed remotely to make configuration changes and adjustments, which in turn reduces downtime.

Seedorina in horticulture

Up to 50% savings in seeds when used in multiple planting, in addition to savings in fertilizer and water in seedling production.

Robotic planting produces a higher germination rate, larger primary leaves and healthier plants.

The system adapts to the different types of planting (single seed, multiple seeds) and to the type of seeding tray in use.

The process automation, in addition to savings in seeds, improves sowing times.

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Seedorina in forestry

Our robots use seeding heads specially designed for tree seeds of different grades.

We sow the exact number of seeds per tray cell, avoiding the waste of high-cost seeds.

Seedorina places the seeds in the center of each tray cavity, which produces seedlings with better formed roots .

Generates savings in labor by avoiding the reprocesses that occur when planting is uneven.

Download our catalogue and get to know the full range of solutions, adaptations and accessories we offer for high precision seeding automation.

Product Catalogue

No installation required, just a standard electrical outlet and WiFi connection.

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